Industrial Strength Water Purification Systems

o3 Water purification for industrial ice makers, air conditioners and food washing systems.

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Cooling Tower

A true Green process. What makes ozone attractive for Cooling Tower Water Treatment is that ozone technology has no residual environmental impact, ozone is pro-active with biofilm build-up, ozone is pro-active in killing microbials like Legionnella, and ozone has a

Ice Sanitizer

The O3 Hygienics Ice Sanitizer provides crystal clear, wonderfully tasting, puri-fied ice. Moreover, it keeps the ice machine clean and free of mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses. Because ozone gas is heavier than air, it permeates the entire ice machine

Bottled Water System

The bottled water industry is expanding because consumers are looking for better quality water. The FDA and EPA both require bottled water (not spring water) to go through the ozone water purification process in order to eliminate bacterial contaminants, to