A true Green process.

What makes ozone attractive for Cooling Tower Water Treatment is that ozone technology has no residual environmental impact, ozone is pro-active with biofilm build-up, ozone is pro-active in killing microbials like Legionnella, and ozone has a proven results of reducing operating expenses by 30%.

MSDS comparison of a popular process known as Phosphinosuccinic Oligomer indicates that it is poorly biodegradable whereas Ozone MSDS indicates “bio-accumulation will not occur and the area affected would be limited”.

Some systems are considered Green because water savings are implemented, not because the chemicals used are safe for the environment. Implementing Ozone provides a true environmentally compatible solution for any cooling tower.


Available PDF Downloads:

Cooling Towers MSDS Nalco Trasar Download

Cooling Towers Ozone Solutions MSDS Ozone Download

Ozone Treatment for Cooling Towers Federal Technology AlertDownload